Holiday Mantels Over the Years

Before central air conditioning and heat, homes are kept warm by fireplaces in many of the rooms. In our historic home, we have 5 fireplaces inside and two outside. Each fireplace has a mantel that is begging to be decorated for the Christmas holidays. Here is a compilation of some of our decorated mantels over the years.

2023 Back Terrace Mantel

Back Terrace-2023

In our restoration journey, we add this valuable space to the back our our home. In the beautiful weather months here in Phoenix, it is the gathering place for family and friends. The large stack stone fireplace on one end is the focal point.

Collection of large balls adds a bit of glam

During our Fall Styling Workshop, Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate transforms the fall decorations to winter/holiday ones. Using this beautiful Norfolk pine garland, she adds large pinecones, elk sheds, festive balls and two different kinds of ribbon.

Norfolk pine garland, large pine cones and elk sheds

This beautiful 5″ elk ribbon (source: Decorators Warehouse but out of stock) and the 4″ silk plaid one (from my ribbon stash) are striking together. Vintage snowshoes and poles from thrift store finds add some charm and interest.

Two types of ribbon

Here is the same fireplace but with a snowy, winter theme in 2020.

Lanterns, red plaid ribbon, elk antlers and frosty garland
A winter forest theme

Living Room-2023

I recently shared this lush and luxurious mantel with you. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Nutcracker mantel

Here are some photos from previous years. In 2022 I repeat the use of magnolia and pine garlands and red berry clusters, but add faux amaryllis in blue/white ceramic pots.

Living Room mantel 2022

The blue and white ceramic pots are filled with greens, ornaments and pinecones, as well as the same faux red amaryllis. The addition of our homemade stockings with brass holders keeps the simplicity of this mantel decor.

Opting for simplicity in 2021

Here is another Chloe mantel, when she was visiting Bella Terra in 2020. Every time Chloe comes to Phoenix, I learn something new and I get a beautifully decorate mantel! Lucky me!

Another lush mantel from Celebrate and Decorate

Dining Room Mantel

With such an abundant mantel in the adjacent living room, I decide to do a simply elegant one in the dining room this year. Using a magnolia garland, I add a faux lamb’s ear garland, glittery pine cones, pink and blush ornaments and a few strings of sparkly pink berries. This all goes nicely with the coral orchid pot from Dear Keaton.

Dining Room 2023

In previous years, I use bottle brush trees, lights and pink/blush ornaments.

Dining room 2022

Some years I add garland and others not. This time I hang round pink ornaments with fishing wire on one side of the mantel.

Dining Room 2020

Breakfast Room

Adjacent to our kitchen is the breakfast room. This sweet fireplace warms up both rooms during the winter months. Sometimes I change the artwork and sometimes I don’t. I do have to take care that any decorations are not too close to the flame too.

I’ve yet to decorate this for 2023, and hope to accomplish that in the next few days. In 2021 and 2022 I make the garland~red/white beads and tassels (see blog post), and dried orange slices (see DIY here).

Breakfast Room 2022
Breakfast Room 2021

In 2020, I hang a “clothesline” and with miniature clothespin, hang tiny Christmas sweaters, hats and mittens.

Breakfast Room 2020

Originally, the breakfast room fireplace held all the nutcrackers we’ve collected over time. But it’s a bit of an effort to get them up from the basement and unpacked, so in 2010, I only display a few. In 2019, I go for darker shades of red.

Breakfast Room 2019

Though the fireplace in the art room doesn’t typically get decorated, I love how my friend, Barbara from Mantel and Table, adorns this in 2020. Her use of faux peonies, gold berry clusters, pinecone ornaments and sheer ribbon makes an elegant statement.

Art room mantel 2020

The goal is to have the house fully decorated before this weekend. My guess is that you are already finished with holiday decorations~but I will get there eventually.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the various holiday mantels.