Room by Room :The Hardworking Mudroom

The mudroom is perhaps the most used, and abused room in our home.  Located right off the back door of the house, the mud room is also adjacent to the kitchen, laundry room and library. This small room has 4 doors and a back stair case up to the 2nd floor.

One of Cooper’s favorite hangouts

The Before

Here is a “before the restoration” picture. Stained linoleum floors, security bars on the window and a Norman Bates style elevator adds to the creepy vibe in this room In adding a new kitchen, we are able to increase the square footage and have a much better mud room floor plan.

Before the Renovation

The After

Where the old window above the wash sink was, is the new entrance to the back of the house. I just love Dutch doors for their charm and function. Some of these pictures are taken around the holidays so look past the decorations.

Dutch door entry


This room is designed to withstand a steady stream of muddy feet, wet bathing suits, dogs, cats, and sometimes chickens (when one is ill).  The stone floor, a blue slate, holds up beautifully to lots of traffic.

Blue Slate and a natural fiber rug are durable

A 2′ x 3′ washable cotton rug from Dash & Albert is rarely clean for long but is surviving multiple washings. The 5′ x 8′ diamond natural sisal rug is from Ballard Designs and still looks new. You can find it in two colors here.

The Desk Area

Originally this area is designed as an additional desk/office space. However, with a 10 foot long countertop that is accessible to the entire family, it became clear that keeping this a personal office space would prove difficult.

Instead, it is an active craft room area. Flat plastic boxes in the cubbies below hold everything from decorative paper to stencils. The green fabric boxes are filled with inspirational catalogs and magazine.

A view to the back door

The cabinet doors open up to create a proper knee hole, but close to hide anything stored beneath.

The office/workspace

Mail slot cubbies hold cards and stationery. Galvanized buckets from Ikea capture all the pens, pencils and markers.

Ikea containers

My ribbon tree is handy for quick gifts. To see how I made this, click here.

DIY Ribbon Trees

Storage Areas

To the right of the Dutch door, there is a broom closet which houses all the cleaning supplies, batteries, light bulbs, vacuum cleaner and tool box. As you can see this 9′ x 15′ room wears many hats.

Holiday hat rack

The kitchen is to the right of the hat rack.  Santa hats go up in the day after Thanksgiving and are removed after January 6 (the Epiphany). The rest of the year the rack is used for every day hats. The cow wall art is a gift from my friend, Gwen.

Command Central

As we move around the room, to the right of the kitchen door, is command central.

View to the Kitchen door

All the brains/technology to the house are located in the top 3 cabinets.  The doors have metal screens for mechanical ventilation.

Command Central

The cabinets and doors are painted a Dunn Edwards Cottage White SP113 semi-gloss and the walls are the same color in satin. Polished nickel pull and handles are used on all the cabinets.

Security and technology

All the equipment is on sliding metal racks for easy access and maintenance.

Gift Wrapping area

Below the mechanical equipment and behind the middle oblong cabinet is the gift wrapping center.

Gift wrap storage drawer

Flanking the gift drawer are several smaller drawers labeled accordingly for miscellaneous items~scissors, tape, glue gun, and ribbon pieces.

Handy storage drawers

Laundry Folding and Gift Wrapping Spot

When we initially designed this room, we hoped to have the washer and dryer beneath this countertop. But the basement staircase is interfering with this space.

Instead we add this pull out table surface as the laundry folding area or a place to wrap gifts. The drawer pulls out when needed and provides a nice, large flat work surface.

Pull-out work area

The narrow upper cabinet is where various rolls of ribbon are stored.  What a good use of a typically wasted space!

Pull out ribbon storage

Back Staircase

When you keep going to the right from the command center and gift wrapping area, you reach the back staircase. Here is a picture of it before the renovation in early 2021.

Old staircase

Here is how it looks today. Much cleaner and brighter. To see that complete (lengthy) project, click here.

Refreshed staircase

Laundry Room

Tucked behind the pocket door to the right of the back staircase is our primary laundry room and half bath.  Even though we have an additional washer and dryer upstairs, this laundry room gets the most use.

Primary Laundry room

With a laundry shoot from our master closet, all the dirty clothes land in the basket against the headboard wall.

Laundry shoot from Master closet

Library Entrance and Ironing area

Moving past the laundry room, our next stop is the library room entrance and the small area at the end of the long countertop. See the cabinet mounted to the wall? This is one of two ironing boards which is conveniently located next to the laundry room. The other ironing board is in our master closet.

Hidden ironing board

The artwork is now different in this room as all the black and white photos have been removed and an original painting put in its place.

Out of all the rooms in the house, I feel like the mudroom is the most versatile and utilitarian.

Of course, our Maine coon cat, Donovan, likes to sit in the office chair. My little helper.

Our sweet cat, Donovan

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