A Peek into Our Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is one of my favorite spaces in our home and I want to give you a peek into this very serene space. It is located upstairs at one end of the house~~away from everything.

The Foyer

The official entrance into the bedroom starts with a set of French door. These open into a small foyer where my “quote” door floats on the wall.  The door is illuminated from behind and it makes the best night light.  If you turn left you head toward our office, but to the right is the master bedroom. To see more about the story behind this quote door, click here.

The Bedroom

This is the view when you first enter the bedroom from the foyer.

The bedroom is rather large for a historical home. We reworked the original footprint to allow for a more up to date bathroom and closet.

On the bed, I added small picture lights to the top of our headboard, for nighttime reading. The fabric on the bed is a bit more sage green than the photo shows.  I am not sure what it is, but it’s very soft, perhaps a short cut velvet. The curves in the footboard and headboard add softness to the bed angles.

For the summer months, I added this sweet duvet cover for a more romantic look. The duvet cover is made by Taylor Linens, called Shore Rose.

Opposite the end of the bed, is a television, hidden behind the a piece of framed art.  The canvas rolls up inside the frame by remote control. It is an oil painting depicting San Gimignano in Sienna, Italy, a place we once visited.

To the left of the television, is a skirted kidney-shaped table and mirror. I have always wanted a make-up table.  The irony is that I hardly wear any makeup these days, but occasionally I will sit here and feel like a character on Downton Abbey! A mirrored tray holds bottles of perfume and cologne.

The vintage hand mirror is my mother’s and the silver topped jar is a gift from a friend.

On the opposite side of the room is a unique sofa I picked up at the Brimfield Antique Show. Upholstered in a large houndstooth pattern, it adds character to the space. Click here to see the previous blog post about the sofa makeover. Above the sofa is a collection of framed botanical prints.

The Terraces

The best part of this room is the view outside.  It feels like a tree house. It is completely private, so much so that the French doors and windows are sans window coverings. With the wide overhang on the terrace, the room gets diffused light from its southern and western exposure.

When we bought this house, there were no railings on the outdoor upstairs terrace.  The short walls were a little taller than knee-height with a 2 story drop. Obviously in 1912, there were few safety zoning codes. The railing design was inspired by the multiple arches in the home’s architecture.  This design continues on the wrought iron fences and gates on the property. To see more about the restoration of this area, please click here.

As you may recall, we have this wonderful terrace and fireplace right outside the bedroom (see previous blog post here).  It is a fabulous place to watch the sunset or enjoy a glass of wine on a cool evening.

I hope your bedroom is your oasis.  What do you love most about your bedroom? This is truly the best bedroom I have ever had!

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Makeup table and mirror – Horchow

Custom railings by Grizzly Welding in Phoenix

Custom Doors and Windows by Marvin