Saturday Meanderings

Happy Saturday, friends! It is beautiful fall weather here in Phoenix. Why we couldn’t have had this last week for the Fall Styling Workshop I do not know. Cobalt blue skies, 58 degrees at night and warm during the day. Ahhhh, finally. This is the last Saturday Meanderings in October! What? Wait? How did that happen? October is one of my favorite months and it blew by. Welcome to Saturday Meanderings where we chat about all good things this week.

Dusk in the palm orchard

Post Workshop Blues

As I organize and put things away from the Fall Styling Workshop, I’m feeling a bit blue. Not sure if I’m just tired or still recuperating from my kidney stone debacle. Last week our home was filled with friends and activities. Unfortunately, I received notice of the death of a neighbor and someone at church, too. This week is very quiet~perhaps it’s just the contrast. So I am trying to do things that fill my soul and resting a bit more than usual. Do you experience a let down after a big event?

Using Vintage Items for Flower Arrangements

We have a thrift store nearby (The Assistance League Thrift Boutique) that often has fabulous items at a very low price. A few months ago, I pick up these sweet cream soup bowls. I am alway amazed at how big contemporary dishes have become with larger serving sizes.

Vintage cream soup bowl

Chloe (Celebrate and Decorate) put these bowls to good use and made 5 flower arrangements with alstroemeria, carnations, mums, roses and greens.

Pretty floral arrangement in cream soup bowl

Personally, I never thought to use these bowls in this way, but how clever! My recollection is that I spent about $2.50 per bowl. Would love to create Christmas arrangements and deliver them to all my neighbors as an attractive and affordable holiday gift.

Easy to do with wet floral foam

Face Yoga

Have you heard of face yoga?

Face yoga works by targeting individual muscles in the face, either through certain facial movements or massaging your face with your hands and fingers.

Though these exercise won’t grow back lost fat in the face—only injections or cosmetic surgery can do that—they may help to bulk up some of the muscles.

Japanese yoga expert Koko Hayash

I just signed up for face yoga sessions through the DailyOM called The 10-Minute Method to Naturally Tighten Your Face by Sadie Nardini. You may have to search for it as I tried linking to it and nothing happened.

Right now, I have completed 50% of the course and find myself doing weird face exercises in the shower, while I drive, etc. My face muscles are very tired upon completion of the exercise. I took a Before picture and will snap another in a month and see if there is any improvement. We can only hope.

Ginger Pear and Walnut Tart

Back in September, I shared a stunning video of Lisa from Celebrate Creativity making a ginger pear and walnut tart. Well, I made it this week and it is delicious. However, instead of using a 16″x4″ tart pan, I only have an 8″x8″ one. Since the area is the same (64″), I figure the same measurements will work. The recipe calls for 4 pears, but 2 pears will do it. In Lisa’s pictures, it appears she only uses 2 pears as well. Maybe pears are just bigger than usual.

Ginger Pear & Walnut Tart from Celebrate Creativity.

I failed to take a picture of it after baking but here’s a photo from Lisa’s blog. Once I make it again, I will add more ginger to the steeping mixture and take photos! A perfect fall dessert.

Yarn Pumpkins

Making a Yarn Pumpkin

As part of our gift bags from the Fall Styling Workshop, Chloe made these pretty yarn pumpkins. She left a few unmade and, I must say, this is a rather relaxing DIY while sitting in front of the television. I am able to make two of them this week using both a stick and old pumpkin peduncle for the stems.

Yarn pumpkin with real pumpkin stem

You can find this DIY here, at Celebrate and Decorate. Aren’t they cute?

A Fun Idea

Fun Holiday idea with books

This week I received the Garnet Hill catalogue. Check out the cover. A fun and simple idea for the holidays. I may try this in our library!

The Graphics Fairy

The Graphics Fairy is a resource for vintage images and crafty projects. Since I subscribe to their weekly email newsletter, every Friday I receive a free graphic. Here is this week’s one…so perfect for fall or Halloween.

Friday Free Graphic

Who remembers the owl theme I did last year on the outdoor stone fireplace mantel? To learn more about The Graphics Fairy or to sign up and get your free images, click here.

Halloween owl mantel

The Great British Baking Show

A new season has begun! I just love this show where bakers from all ages and backgrounds come together and B.A.K.E.!

Baking under the tent

This show inspires me to learn more about the intricacies and chemistry of pastry, bread, chocolate, cake, you name it. Plus who can resist those sweet work areas with pastel colored refrigerators and ovens. See it on Netflix.

Mary’s Must Haves

Often, I get people asking me to share my favorite, tried and true products. Or they have seen something on the blog but can’t find it at a later date. Each week I hope to produce “Mary’s Must Haves” and then create a tab at the top of the website for easy access. It will take some time to build a resource page, but I will be working on it and adding products each week.

Some of these items will have an affiliate link, others not. An affiliate link will allow me to make a few cents if you click on the link and purchase the product. This is absolutely at no cost to you, but consider it a gift to me for making your shopping experience a bit easier.

Battery Operated Milk Frother

Handheld milk frother/blender

Every day of every week I use this simple utensil to blend my Vital Proteins into my coffee or to make a cup of faux coffee (mushroom coffee). It’s only $14.99 (currently 25% off) and will froth milk, make whipped cream and easily blend any dry powder into your liquids. It works much better than a fork or whisk. Comes with a stand too. See it here.

Fresh Herbs at your Fingertips

My son and his girlfriend live in Chicago in a high rise apartment complex on the 36th floor. He loves to cook but does not have access to any outdoor or garden space. For Delaney’s birthday, I sent them this indoor hydroponic gardening system with a grow light that is small and easily fits in their living space.

AeroGarden Hydroponic growing system

They have great success growing fresh herbs all year long. Though a bit of an initial investment, think of all the money you will save not having to buy those small packets of fresh herbs at the grocery store. Would be an excellent gift for Christmas, too. It’s 43% off ~see it here.

Hair Care

With the weather changing with drier winter conditions, it’s important to pamper your hair. Mine is fine, straight and can be limp and dull without the right products. I am one of those people that doesn’t spend a lot of money on clothing or jewelry, but I do invest in my hair products. Think of it as a good return each and every time you look into the mirror.

Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume

Oribe has several different types of shampoo based on your type of hair. Personally I use two kinds~Oribe for Magnificent Volume (makes my fine hair look like much more hair). I also use the conditioner for Magnificent Volume.

Conditioner for Magnificent Volume

The second product is Oribe for Beautiful Color (which I use right after seeing my hair stylist).

Each shampoo has an accompanying conditioner. Amazon sells the one for Beautiful color as a bundle. These products seem to last a long time as you only need a small amount to get suds.

Oribe for Beautiful Color shampoo/conditioner bundle

Oribe has shampoo and conditioner for gray/silver hair too. The travel sizes are perfect when you are on the road.

Great style done by Roscoe at Pucci Salon

With the holidays coming and wanting to look your best, you may want to try these products. I am overdue for a great haircut, but if you are like me and invest in a good stylist, it makes sense to use the right products too.

Well, that’s a wrap. Enjoy these last few days of October. Next time we chat will be another new month. Thanks for checking in.