Saturday Meanderings

Happy Saturday and can you even believe it is March already?!? Being raised in the northeast, there are traditional sayings for some of the months. Will March be “in like a lion and out like a lamb”? Our weather in Phoenix is finally a bit warmer in the mornings( mid-40s) and afternoons (mid-60s-70s). With all the colder temps in January and February, I am a bit behind in planting the spring garden. But more on that later. Welcome to Saturday Meanderings where we chat about all good things this week. As I write this I am in Florida, visiting and gathering with my blogging friends.

Limoncello Bundt Cake

All Things Lemon Class

This lemon-focused cooking class was last Saturday and 10 people attending. It is the first class I have conducted on my own and all in all, it went well. I will write a more detailed post about this as I want to share some of the recipes with you.

Homemade Limoncello

The morning was perfect weather-wise and everyone went home with lots of information on the beautiful lemon. It is fun to make your own preserved lemons, limoncello and tasting the likes of lemon tart and limoncello bundt cake.

New Non-Alcoholic Beverages

After seeing this frequently on Instagram, I thought I would give it a try. Each month I get a case (12 bottles) of 3 different flavors. Each bottle serves 2. There is no commission for me referring this product to you, only sharing something I am enjoying now.

Curious Elixirs

Here is information directly from their website:

“Curious Elixirs are booze-free craft cocktails, infused with adaptogens to help you unwind. Our beverages are handmade with the best ingredients and no refined sugar. 

We created Curious Elixirs because we believe non-alcoholic drinks should be unusually delicious, well-crafted, and good for bodies and souls. So we began a mission to serve up the world’s best booze-free craft cocktails. 

Add garnishes

Each Curious Elixir also bolsters the body using the mysterious properties of plants — from an ancient botanical that increases serotonin and dopamine precursors…” See their website here.

New Wine Refrigerator

After 23 years, our ULine wine refrigerator died. In researching replacement of our ULine, my, have the prices gone up over the last two decades. A new ULine wine refrigerator is upward of $2500 ~ what? It did take a week or so to look at different wine refrigerator options, but we purchase a Kalamera 30 bottle single zone wine refrigerator from Wayfair….for $422.71.

Kalamera wine refrigerator

I nearly read every comment as concerns include: noise, chilling ability and bottle capacity. Delivered this week, we are happy with this brand. It has a very cool blue night light and fits perfectly in the space.

Why Am I in Florida?

One of the nicest part of taking on blogging at this age, is that I am able to meet some truly wonderful women. I am part of a group (they are far smarter and successful bloggers!) of women who share their talents, technological information and tips on how to be better at this. If you attended the Fall Styling Workshop, you met Chloe (from Celebrate and Decorate) and Chas (Chas’ Crazy Creations.

Chloe’s dining room table decor

Since we truly enjoy each other’s company, we try to get together 2-3 times per year. Chloe’s home in Celebration, Florida is so lovely and we are working hard and doing a bit of playing. I am enjoying photographing Chloe’s home and her sweet dog, Lily.

Miss Lily

As you know, Chloe is the master of beautiful table settings so we are playing with these colorful dishes from Caskata. Aren’t they lovely?

Caskata tableware

New Haircut, finally!

In an attempt to grow my hair long (as requested by my sweet husband), I tried, I truly did. However, I didn’t find it flattering and finally got a haircut this week.

New do!

I’ve known my hairstylist longer than my husband and Roscoe, once again, does a great job. Roscoe Nichols at Pucci Salon in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We are Getting a New Puppy

For those of you who have been following me for awhile, know we lost our beloved Cooper in 2022 and our dedicated beagle, Sox last year. Losing two dogs who were best of friends has left a void in our family. Cooper, an Akbash was the perfect protector of our property.

Akbash puppies Three Creek Ranch

In a few weeks we will be getting an Akbash puppy and here is the most recent picture of some of the litter. Aren’t they adorable?

Mary’s Must Haves

One of the benefits of visiting with my blogging friends, is that the share products they love. Being here at Chloe’s I am getting first hand experience with some of these. I’ve already ordered these under cabinet 40 LED Rechargeable Battery Operated Motion Sensors indoor lights.

Lights in cabinets

Chloe has these lights in this bookcase that lines a hallway and they act as nightlights because they can be switched to motion activated. Another is placed underneath a bathroom cabinet for lighting your way to the toilet at night. Plus they have 3 settings~ dimmable, on, and motion for different applications.

Under the bathroom cabinet

The lights are attached magnetically so if you experience a power outage you can remove the lights to use as a portable flashlight. Many uses-to line a staircase, use in your closet, the list goes on and on. Rechargeable with a USB port.

40 LED Under the cabinet lights

These lights are currently 33% off at Amazon, priced at $19.98 for 2 lights. See it here!

Slow Cooking Liners

If you use your crockpot frequently, you may appreciate this product. I had no idea these existed but I believe they are productive on a few levels.

Slow Cooker liners

Slow cooking for many hours can result in burnt bottoms of your crockpot. These liners help prevent that and keeps the pot clean.

Slow Cooker liners

Occasionally I will make a slow cooker meal and want to deliver it to a family member or friend. How easy to grab the bag and transport the contents. The liners are BPA-free and safe for high temperatures. For a 6-count box is $3.31 and you can find it here. P.S. Chloe makes chili while we are here and uses these liners so she gets all the credit!

Pill Pouches

It’s a little embarrassing that I travel with my vitamins like this~quart size Ziploc bags….

My vitamins

Especially when my friend, Andrea, uses this….

Andrea’s pill pouch

I did find them on Amazon here and for a packet of 100 it’s a mere $7.99. They would be good for daily dosage of pills and vitamins too.

Well that’s a wrap, folks! Have a fabulous weekend!