Random Saturday Morning Thoughts

This week began with my husband going out of town for 4 days. Do I tackle a big project or sit and watch chick flicks and relax? As his plane was departing I was already pulling things out of the “does a hoarder live here?” garage. Two out of the 3 bays are relatively organized, but this one was the dumping site for just about anything. It is embarrassing to show you this picture but here it is.

For 3 full days, I worked countless hours, sorting and organizing and I only put a dent in it. I’m not sure if it was standing on the concrete floor but I was so sore and fatigued after doing this. But I’ve made good progress and now there is some breathing room to work in. How one collects so much stuff, I do not know.

With any luck, I’m hoping the garage project will be finished before the brutal summer heat.

Do you remember I planted a bulb garden in September? In addition to dividing all my irises, I planted nearly 450 bulbs. See post here. I am excited to report that the hyacinths are already showing their purple flowers. The tulips and alliums are breaking ground too!

Since the frost is behind us, it’s time to start planting the Spring garden. The winter vegetables are past their prime. The broccoli and bok choy are starting to bloom.

I yanked all the cauliflower, broccoli, peppers and lettuces that have bolted, in preparation for tomatoes, artichokes, and spring herbs. The chickens love getting the discarded plants. The beds have been cleaned and fresh fertilized soil will be added.

It’s King Cake time! As you may recall, I was introduced to King Cake when I was part of a work crew that went down to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina (see post here). I make this every year before Fat Tuesday (the day before Lent on Wednesday).

Getting ready to hide the baby in the dough

To learn more about King Cake, Mardi Gras and its tradition, click here.

We are having heavy rains this morning! With 299 sunny days per year, we love and appreciate the rain. This is the first time I’m adding a video link to a post, so hopefully you will be able to view it. We have a rain chain off the master bedroom terrace to slow down the rain run off from the roof. I think it’s mesmerizing to watch in the rain. Make sure to turn on the sound.


Have a wonderful Saturday! Just enjoying my coffee and a quiet morning so far! Do you have any special plans this weekend?