Organizing Tips:The Master Closet

January is a GREAT month to start afresh and tackle new organization projects. Today, I am joining a group of friends to share some spectacular ways to re-arrange, sort and clean those parts of your home that need attention.

My sweet friend, Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse is hosting this round-up of ideas to get you excited and motivated to tackle those neglected corners. So please continue reading and find 7 more great posts with organizing tips!

Welcome to Life at Bella Terra

Our home

If you are new to my blog, then welcome and thanks for stopping by! I’m Mary and Bella Terra is our historical home in Phoenix, Arizona. Most people picture stark desert and adobe homes, but ours is a 1910 gem on a large lush parcel of land, right within the City limits. I love to entertain, cook, bake and we keep busy with our chickens, garden and orchard. Even though I do some DIY projects, I admit to an occasional failure resulting in funny stories. If you like what you see, please join me and share in experiencing life in this big old home.

Organizing the Master Closet

When an out-of-town houseguest saw the master bedroom closet, she commented that she was happy to see I was normal with a messy closet. Wait? What? And then I REALLY looked at my closet and she was right. Embarrassing moments are great motivators to change behavior so I am determined to organize this space (at least my side of the closet!).

Before and After

These pictures are so painful to show you, but even though it is unorganized, in my brain it is very organized. I know where everything is, but there is no excuse for the clutter. Maybe this is how hoarding begins….one closet at a time!

Cluttered shelves

It was a chore sorting through clothes that I haven’t worn in years. But finally letting go and donating them is a rewarding task. I organize blouses both by color and sleeve length, as suggested by Maggi Heiser, one of my followers. Thank you, Maggi!

Organized blouses

Shoes are organized by heel height and function~hiking/exercise shoes together; dressy shoes are on the top shelf as they aren’t used as often. Casual, daily shoes are on a shelf that’s easy to reach.


Pants are also organized by color and hang just below the blouses/shirts. Large, flat storage containers (like these) hold all those ugly Christmas sweaters and other seasonal attire.


Organizational Accessories

Here is the before of a section of shelves with a center mirror (try not to judge):

A messy Before

And this is how it looks now:

Now you can see the mirror

I love my fabric boxes that fit nicely in the shelves. There are 2 different sizes and a total of 20 of them. Each box is labeled which makes it easy to find things, such as bathing suits, bathing suit coverups, small purses, hats, travel items to name a few. I don’t recall where I purchased these but Amazon has an extensive selection.

Fabric boxes are great for smaller items

Affordable racks from Ikea provide plenty of storage for necklaces. And you can find a wide assortment of jewelry organizers to hang on your wall from Amazon here.

This is one of my favorite closet accessories. A pull-out slide valet rod for hanging outfits or newly pressed clothing. Here is a very attractive one for under $20.

In the early stages of closet design, I am so happy to add a wall-mounted ironing board from Iron-A-Way. The quality of this one is very good, plus it is nicely hidden from view with a matching cabinet door. They come in a white or maple door, or no door at all. It is so handy to have an iron close by to touch up outfits.

Wall mounted Ironing board with cabinet
Iron-a-Way ironing board

Drawer Storage

I love having a window in our closet and sitting below it, is a his/her cabinet of drawers. As you can see the flat surface on top is just a dumping ground for hats, scarves and really whatever. Now with everything in its place, the top of the cabinet is an enjoyable place for a special hat and deserves a painting.

A quiet morning in the closet. Window brings in western light.

I can honestly say that since I organized this underwear drawer, it has stayed relatively neat. Being organized means being more time efficient and it takes seconds to select what I will be wearing on any given day. Such a simple task as spooning bras together saves a lot of room too. It went from this:

Underwear drawer Before

To this. A separate plastic container is in the back of the drawer for smaller items that are difficult to fold.

Underwear drawer after

And I finally got rid of all the lonely socks that lost their mate.

Sock drawer before
Sock drawer After

Everyday athletic socks are relegated to the plastic bin, making more room for casual socks and handkerchiefs.

Scarves and Wraps

Lots of scarves

I own quite a few scarves and they are in multiple locations. After sorting and organizing them by color, size and use, a drawer holds the bulk of them.

Organized by color

For larger wraps, a trouser wall hanger works rather well. Amazon has a similar one here.

Easy storage item

To see more scarf organizing tips and techniques, click here.


A wider view of gives you a better perspective of one side of the closet. Baskets hold smaller tote bags and extra jackets. Sweaters are folded on shelves. The few cashmere items I owe are stored in a cashmere protection pouch you can find here.

Narrow, flat storage boxes and baskets fit nicely under the hanging rods. These flat storage boxes work great under beds, too.

I am delighted with my closet project and I don’t plan on mucking it up any time soon.

Thank you for joining me today. Now it’s off to see the other fabulous organizing posts!

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Again, thank you for joining me and hopefully you are tackling those projects that need a bit of sorting and organizing. And if you’ve made it this far and want to subscribe to my blog, I would just love that!

Have an absolutely wonderful day!