Saturday Meanderings

Happy Saturday from Phoenix, Arizona! I am back in the Valley of the Sun and even here, you can feel the shift in temperatures in the mornings and evenings. In order to get in the fall spirit, I am hanging the autumn wreaths and adding seasonal touches to the porch too. Thank you for joining me today for Saturday Meanderings where we chat about all good things this week.

Thinking ahead to Fall

Finally pulled out my paints

Plein air painting in the mountains

I dream about painting outside in beautiful weather (plain air), but I have not taken out a paint brush in months. So on a lovely day this week, my husband sets up a table for me to finally do some painting.

very rough draft

Unfortunately, I am only to do so for a few hours, but here’s my rough (very rough) draft of 4 ducks. More editing to be done, but this small attempt is a reminder how much I enjoy painting. Why can’t I make more time for this??!!

Pool Cleaning

We completely re-did the original pool back in 2001, as part of the property restoration. I didn’t realize that you are supposed to drain the pool, acid wash the walls and clean the tile every 3-4 years. Oops. Here is it 22 years later and we are doing this for the first time.

cleaning the pool

You can see the difference in the calcification on the tile before and after cleaning.

Removing all the calcification

Looking forward to a clean and sparkling pool to use in the late summer.

What are You Watching?

Did you see Guiding Emily last night? We recently dropped Direct TV and am now using Direct TV streaming. Unfortunately, I did not realize that Direct TV streaming doesn’t carry Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. However, after some scrambling I was able to do a free 7 day trial to Philo in order to see the movie.

Guiding Emily on Hallmark

Guiding Emily is really well done! Garth, the guide dog is adorable. Sarah Drew’s outstanding performance as Emily truly conveys the fear, hopelessness and frustration in suddenly losing your sight. If you love movies with a fabulous house, this one is stunning. Hallmark truly elevated their game with this movie.

But what I liked best about this movie is how much I learned about sight impairment. The author, Barbara Hinske, sheds light on the challenges of those who are blind and operating in a sighted world. I highly recommend watching this.

Two Shows on Prime Video

PIe in the Sky

We just finished Pie in the Sky and I didn’t want the 6 seasons series to end. If you like detective mysteries and good food, you will love this enjoyably British mix of character comedy and murder mystery.

Starring Richard Griffiths (Mr. Dursley in Harry Potter) as DI Henry Crabbe, a good cop finally retires from the force and opens his dream restaurant. He hopes to while away his retirement serving up his favorite dishes, but his old boss puts his plans on the back burner. It’s an oldie, but we found it very enjoyable.

All Creatures Great and Small

Just started watching All Creatures Great and Small, based on the books about James Herriot, a veterinarian in 1930s in Yorkshire Dales. The characters, scenery and situations are all so entertaining and visually beautiful. You will find this on PBS or it is free with your subscription to Prime Video, I think.

Live to 100 on Netflix

Live to 100 on Netflix

Everyone needs to see this 5 show series. Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones┬átakes you around the world to investigate the diet and lifestyles of those living the longest lives. It’s fascinating and also sad how the United States has one of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Did you also know that for the first time the longevity rate in the US is declining? A must see.

What are You Reading?

Lessons in Chemistry

I admit that the reason I wasn’t drawn to this book is the cover. The old adage, don’t judge a book by its cover is exactly what I did. But after hearing great reviews I took the leap and loved it. Lessons in Chemistry is cleverly written, smart, and well worth the read. New York Times is calling it the best book of the year.

French Country Cottage Christmas

French Country Cottage Christmas

Even though my style is not French Country, I do like the work of Courtney Allison. I met Courtney during my visit to Patina Farm (see that post here). Courtney writes the blog, French Country Cottage and has previously published 2 books. I love her first book, but wasn’t wild about her second one.

Though I haven’t started reading her third and newest book, French Country Cottage Christmas, but the photos do look stunning. There is a section on 25 Inspiring Trees and DIYs for a handmade natural Christmas. If you love Christmas like I do and want ideas, you can find her book here. I have the hard copy vs. a Kindle version, and cannot wait to study all the gorgeous photos.

Enjoy the Weekend

Blooms in the yard

If you missed any posts this week, please read about the Fall Styling Workshop we will be holding here at Bella Terra in October. We’d love for you to join us.

Thinking about wallpapering a room in your home? See how I use Peel & Stick wallpaper in a bathroom at our cabin here.

It’s homemade tomato sauce time. Today I am picking up 100 lbs. of Roma tomatoes from the Uptown Farmers Market. Since I am getting ready to head to the ocean for a few days, canning will take place next week.

Have a splendid weekend, friends!