Easy DIY Project with a Huge Visual Impact

During my very quick trip up to the cabin for the Labor Day weekend, I finally tackled a project that has been bugging me for years. Our cabin’s exterior is cedar plank with 4 over 4 windows and multiple sliding doors. All the windows have anodized bronze frames, a deep brown to blend in with the exterior wood. However, at some point a previous owner added sliding glass doors with aluminum frames, vs. an anodized bronze color. Yuck.

Warm tones of the cabin exterior

The Before

Here is what the sliding door(s) look like against the warm tones of the cabin exterior. They stick out like a sore thumb. The cooler color of the aluminum just doesn’t work with the rustic cabin vibe.

Unattractive aluminum sliding doors

Prepping the Site

Dirt and debris

Perhaps the most time consuming part of any paint job, is prepping the site. As much as I don’t like it, it is time well spent. The threshold is quite dirty and needs a thorough cleaning. I also note that the wood frame is cracked and it could be a result of the new deck installation. Yet another thing to be fixed.

Vacuum up the debris

Vaccuuming with a brush gets most of the dirt out of the nooks and crannies. I go over the entire area with a damp cloth to pick up any residual dust.

Matching the cap color to the window frame

I test the color of the spray paint can cap with the existing window frame. Rustoleum Anodized Bronze #7754 in semi-gloss is pretty close to the frame color and fortunately I have two cans on hand in the garage.

Now comes the really tedious part~taping off the edges of the doors and door trim. Using blue painter’s tape, the masking begins.

All edges are masked

There are multiple surfaces to protect as I do not want any overspray on the cedar planks or on our brand new Trex deck. Next it is time to cover the glass which I do with old newspapers. Any overspray can be removed with a single edged razor blade.

Glass is protected with old newspapers

Applying the Paint

I remove the sliding screen door, and take that out into the woods to paint. Carefully leaning it against a tree, provides a well-ventilated space for spraying paint.

Spraying the screen door

Right after painting the screen door and using one partial used can of spray paint, the other full can doesn’t work. Instead of spraying a nice mist, it squirts out clumps of paint. Darn. So I have to stop the project and go to the nearest hardware store. Since I am sure these two cans are a few years old, I am hoping to find the exact same color paint in stock.

Fortunately, Ace Hardware has 3 cans of an anodized bronze with a similar (slightly different) product code. I buy all 3 cans and head back to the project.

Finally, all is painted

After the first coat, I look over all the edges and corners and touch up any bare spots. So far I am happy with the color.

Cleaning up and After Photo

After the manufacturer’s suggested drying time, I carefully remove all the blue tape and newspaper. There is some slight overspray on the glass but I will clean that up on my next trip. Doesn’t it look so much better? The door frame actually disappears and blends in so well with the rest of the cabin exterior.


Now the broken wood threshold piece sticks out but that will get replaced and repainted to match.

Love the color!

I am so pleased with this project. Unfortunately, now I need to do the inside of the door frame as that is still the aluminum color. Even our beagle, Sox seems to like it!

Our small sweet former cabin

In our other (and now sold) smaller cabin, I did this application to all the windows and doors, which again were aluminum. In this photo, you would never know it but see how the frames just disappear? To see the sweet master bedroom remodel at this little cabin, click here.

I love this affordable treatment and the Rustoleum paint applies easily and holds up for a very long time.

Now I have more sliders to do, but I am encouraged on how good it looks. If only the prep stage would go faster….

Do you have windows or doors where you are not fond of the color?

Have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you so much for all your hugs and loving comments to yesterday’s post about our wonderful dog, Cooper. It means alot.

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