Odd Shaped Closet Solutions

Do you have an odd-shaped closet? Like most older homes, we have a front hall closet in our foyer. Since we rarely wear coats or jackets here, having a closet to hang them in is just bonus space. This particular closet isn’t square, because it tucks underneath the U-shaped front staircase.

One side of the closet has a 9 1/2 foot ceiling while the other side is 6′ tall. One side is shallow at 16″ wide while that other is 24″ wide. Oddly shaped, indeed! Instead of outerwear, this closet houses most of my tablecloths, table runners, napkins and lampshades. I want to share with you some of my odd-shaped closet solutions.

The Before

The closet accommodates our battery box for the security system and an HVAC chase cuts into the closet interior. Plus there is no lighting.

Hall Closet Before

Another embarrassing photo as the closet is a mess. It’s a good place to shove things out of the way when you are having company. Obviously, it is in need of organization and cleaning. Plus, my apologies for the quality of the photos. It’s hard to take pictures inside a small, dark closet!

Shelving Solutions

Using shelf sliders, you can build pull out shelves for easy storage

Originally, the closet had no shelves or rods. Adding two fixed shelves to fit into the deeper side of the closet, and two pull out “shelves” instantly adds storage space. These are custom made to fit the area, using conventional drawer slides. Making the shelves to fit is easy.

Black/white pulls are from Anthropologie
Creating a pull out area for table cloths keep them wrinkle-free and easy to find

Designing the rack for hanging the tablecloths is fun as it pulls out so I can get access to all the tablecloths. Using wooden dowels placed into a box made from 3.5″ x 3/4″ sections of wood, this is a simple DIY project.


Battery operated lighting is added for some illumination. These wall mounted string pulled lights use 2 D batteries. However, there are many other kinds of lights you can find. Here is a link to some that are motion sensor, which I would probably choose now if I didn’t already have these.

Sort and Organize

After emptying out all the contents into the front hall, I took the time to inventory the contents. I did the Marie Kondo method on each item~did it bring me joy? Surprisingly, I had good memories of most of the tablecloths (the one I bought in Italy, that bargain at the yard sale, etc) but a nice pile will be donated to the thrift store. To see how I used this method in our master closet, click here.

The remaining tablecloths are measured and labeled using circular paper tags that you typically see on key chains. These are secured to the tablecloth with a safety pin.

Other tablecloths are folded and placed on the fixed shelves. These linens don’t require as much maintenance as the ones on the hanging rods. The shelves are labeled to differentiate the different shaped linens ~round, square, rectangular.

Different Uses for Ordinary Things

I also add inexpensive double bathroom towel bars to the closet to hang the table runners.

Using bathroom towel bars is a great solution for storing table runners.

The current organization system for napkins is binding like ones together in ribboned packages. Napkins are labeled, ironed and ready to go.

The napkin packages are placed in baskets and sit on one of the fixed shelves. Seasonal napkins are stacked and any tassels or other table decor items are placed in Zip-loc bags.

And there is room on the shelf for placemats.

Use the Space Above Your Head

The final area for storage opportunity is taking advantage of the section of the closet that has a 9 1/2 foot ceiling. Placing a pulley system on the ceiling, allows me to store items up and out of the way.

For me I don’t ever seem to have storage space for lamp shades. Back in the day, I would change out lamp shades for each season (whiter, lighter ones for summer and so on).

I tie the end of the rope to the lamp shade rings and then cover the shades in plastic for protection.

Hoist them up by pulling on the rope and tuck them away and out of sight!

Creative solution to storing lampshades

The rope is quite long so I wind it into a neat, small circle and let it rest on the table runner bar. Think of all the things you can tuck up out of sight!

The After

What I like about this closet is that is has storage ideas that work perfectly for this space. The closet is just right around the corner from the dining room, so all linens that are needed for setting a lovely table are within reach. Hanging the finer linen helps keep it wrinkle free and ready to go on the table.

Hall Closet After

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