Saturday Meanderings

What a busy and fulfilling week! I cannot believe it is the Saturday before Thanksgiving week! It’s that time again for Saturday Meanderings where we chat about all good things this week.

Veterans Day Parade in Phoenix

I think this is the very first time I attended the Veterans Day parade here in town. It’s walking distance from our home and my friend and neighbor, Tevia and I decide to check it out. What an impressive show of participation and patriotism. A big salute to all our veterans who bravely serve and have served our country. On the walk home, I felt buoyant with national pride.

Veterans Day Parade in Phoenix

If you live in Phoenix and haven’t been to the annual Veterans Day parade, I highly recommend it!

An Early Thanksgiving

My three children are no longer living at home and are scattered out of town-some further than others. However, everyone came together this weekend and the house and my soul are full to the brim. We had a delicious sit-down dinner on Sunday, an early version of Thanksgiving.

All those years of raising children hold some of my happiest memories. The adjustment to empty nesting is different for everyone, but I really miss the noise, confusion, laughter, family chaos and messy kitchen. Having a little bit of that back this weekend is so joyful.

Since we will not be together collectively for Thanksgiving, I’m still not sure how that holiday will unfold. Will you be with family for Thanksgiving?

Favorite Beverages

Clevr Blends London Fog Latte

As the weather gets cooler, I am looking for a warm beverage to have in the afternoon. Sometimes it is a cup of tea, but lately my go to is Clevr Blends London Fog Latte. Clevr Blends products are fashioned after coffee shop favorites but they skip the sugar and dairy, and add brain-boosting, mood-lifting ingredients.

Sleeptime Super Latte and London Fog Latte

This is gluten free and vegan, has 1000 mg adaptogens, heat resistant probiotics, and less than 35 mg of caffeine. Only 80 calories per serving. Just add hot water and mix (or blend or froth).

Every night my husband and I have our soothing nightcap of Sleeptime Superlatte. This drink has sleep-supportive botanicals to help you de-stress and rest (caffeine free). Not only is it a pre-bed ritual, but it tastes good too!

Clevr Blends has other flavors but these two are my favorite. Here you can find the ClevrBlends link.

Mary’s Must Haves

~Cashmere Protection Pouch~

During my daily routine, I note a product(s) that I appreciate as it makes my life a bit better. Here is this week’s 4 products:

Cashmere Protection Pouch

I love pulling out sweaters this time of year and nothing is more disappointing than to find moth holes! How do those insects make their way into our closet? The perfect solution is to use a Cashmere Protection Pouch. Initially I purchased the X-Large one, but added the Standard size one to protect not only my cashmere sweaters (scarves, etc), but the wool ones too.

These bags protect your sweaters while allowing the natural fibers to breathe. Surprisingly these bags hold quite a few sweaters. Currently 7% off on Amazon here.

~Yoga Toes or Toe Separators~

Naboso toe separators

Going from summer sandals to wearing fall/winter shoes, may be hard on your feet. I find that using these toe separators are so helpful to foot health. In 2022, I experienced a painful Morton’s neuroma in my left foot. Instead of getting a cortisone shot, I began wearing these Naboso toe separators at night in bed. Information from the manufacturer:

  • Our toe separators gently correct and restore the natural shape of toes and feetĀ 
  • Pain Relief: Gel straighteners offer relief from bunions and relax tense muscles in your toes 
  • Activewear Design: Comfortably wear these gel toe spreaders as you walk or lounge around 
  • For Everyone: Podiatrist recommended toe correctors designed for men and women to reverse toe damage 
  • High Quality: Easy to clean BPA free foot care products made from 100% medical grade gel

If your feet are feeling the effects of aging, new shoes or they are just plain tired, you may want to try these.

~Ambient Weather Station~

Ambient Weather Station

I check this Ambient weather station display several times per day. The sensor which monitors wind speed, rainfall, temperature, humidity, UV and solar radiation is on a pole and located in the corner of my garden. It transmits data to the small display on my kitchen counter. I love this weather station and a day doesn’t go by without me looking at it. If you are seeking the perfect Christmas or birthday gift, I highly recommend this.

With over 11,000 positive ratings on Amazon, you can either pay full price ($189.00) or can make 4 payments of $47.50 every two weeks for 4 weeks with 0% APR.

~Microplane Zester~

Microplane Zester

Whether you are zesting lemons, grating nutmeg or shaving chocolate on top of a cup of hot cocoa, you will love this microplane. This one has a black handle and if you prefer a colored one, the price is slightly higher. With the holiday meal prep heading our way, this is a useful tool to have in your kitchen.

Advent Calendars

There are so many different types of Advent calendars~from those you can make to ones that are filled with chocolate, beauty products, wine, coffee, you name it. I recently bought this Advent Calendar for my friend, Christine who LOVES puzzles. It has 42 pieces per day in the numbered boxes for an overall total of 1008 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar

If you want to learn more about Advent Calendars from its history to how to make one, Elizabeth from Pinecones & Acorns has a wonderful, informative post you can see here.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

With Advent starting December 1 (only 2 weeks away), now is the time to make or buy one.

From Around the Internet

Lately, I am all about gingerbread. Gingerbread will be the decorating theme in the kitchen this year. Plus what smells better than gingerbread baking in the oven. Heidi, from Eleanor Rose Home makes these adorable gingerbread tree ornaments. I don’t own a wooden cookie mold but I think I may need to splurge. You can see her great tutorial here.

Eleanor Rose Home

Crozier Cooks

My very talented son (smart, handsome and he cooks!) just started a new Instagram account, crozier_cooks. If you love pictures and videos of beautiful food, please follow him! Let’s send a little Bella Terra love his way.

Charred cabbage with Salty Peanuts & Nuoc Cham by @crozier_cooks

Heather Chadduck Interiors

Heather Chadduck Interiors

I love finding a designer who isn’t trendy and outrageous, but traditional and tasteful. Check out this gorgeous lakeside guest cottage. What a dreamy place to stay!

Heather Chadduck Interiors

Here are more photos of her work:

Heather Chadduck Interiors

I am drooling over all the gorgeous interiors on her website. See it here.

This Week’s Post

I hope you had a chance to check out this week’s post, Pumpkin-Shaped Delights: Bread, Brie and Dinner Rolls Recipes. The brie is the perfect (and easy) appetizer to make for Thanksgiving. It will impress your guests and they don’t need to know how simple it is to make.

Pumpkin shaped baked brie

That is an absolute wrap! Are you traveling for Thanksgiving next week? Wishing you a wonderful, fun-filled, relaxing weekend.

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