A Little Bit of Christmas in the Kitchen

This time of year the kitchen is a mess. I love our big kitchen island but it is used all the time. Right now it is filled with cookies cooling from the oven and the gingerbread house is still a work in process. But between cleanings I was able to snap a few pictures.

The Santa art above the stove is one of my favorites. I love the elves assisting Santa with his cooking.

If you need to know how to say Merry Christmas in 10 languages, check out the board below!

Our well-used coffee station was jollied up a bit with holiday themed mugs, napkins and faux berries.

The patisserie glass stand on the island is fun to decorate each season.

The kitchen themed Christmas tree has fruits, vegetables, pots and pans as ornaments.

Even the double ovens get holiday towels to perk up a rather plain space.

Pinecones, red berries and greens adorn the breakfast room mantle during the day.

And at night, the fairy lights give it a magical glow.

Various types of “snowflakes” are hung on the individual kitchen window panes. Even though the grass outside is green, the snowflakes give the kitchen a wintery feel. At night, they really stand out against the evening backdrop.

A holiday favorite.

Thanks for joining me today, especially with Christmas less than 1 week away! I still haven’t completed my holiday shopping….I don’t know why I am procrastinating but I really need to focus in on that TODAY! Have a fabulous Thursday!